My first album – Rockstrumental

Earlier this month, I released my first album – Rockstrumental, on Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and several other music streaming platforms. Rockstrumental is an album of music without words, so that anyone can enjoy it in a way that’s special and unique to them. 

The album cover for Rockstrumental

This wonderful journey of music-making started back when I was trying to be exceptional in a group of extraordinary kids. Back then I just wanted something that I could use to prove myself and make my family proud, but since then, this journey has turned into a lot more. 

I’ve always believed in music and loved listening to it. I’ve found the idea of music amazing, and music itself – magical. The fact that music, as just sound waves can evoke such strong feelings in someone and help get anyone through anything, is amazing. I feel that each song has its own unique story to tell, and that’s what makes music so special, the fact that you can relate your own unique experiences and stories to the music that you’re listening to, helps you find a friend in whatever situation you are in. 

This is what evoked a passion for creating music in me. When I felt like I was falling behind, when I felt like I was losing, music helped me understand, agree with and relieve all the anger and frustration I was holding. When I observed this, I truly understood and appreciated the power of music. Soon I knew I was writing music as summaries of experiences in my own life, for example – my first song ‘Symphony in K’ describes the different negative and frustrating experiences I had while adapting to a new school. The title then puts a cap on, in a joking way that chapter of my life. 

These pieces of music accompanied me with so many experiences – both positive and negative and I hope they do the same with you, I love them, enjoy listening!

You can get my album on:

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds Great! Especially considering you are only 14! I look forward to what you come up with next.


  2. Ruchi says:

    Rock on!


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