Book recommendation: The Giver.


I recently read ‘The Giver’ because I was in search of an easy, fiction read after reading a whole lot of difficult books about psychology. But with my luck, I got a lot more than I bargained for.

The Giver is one of those rare books that have a very deep and profound meaning while being short, crisp and an overall interesting read. I, personally found this book to be a deep comfort level book.

The Giver portrays life in a utopia. It shows the reader a life and a world we have always craved for, a happy life. A world without hate, war, or crime.

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The community

In the Giver, the life of any character is perfectly planned out and meticulously organized for every community and individual to realize their true, and full potential. For example, there are family units, in which a person could choose to start a family unit. If one does choose to start such a unit. The ‘committee’ would search through the population of the community to find his/her perfect match (i.e matching personalities, and the like). Then every family is given a child, and the family unit is given the exact amount of resources to live and provide comfortably for themselves and their children.

The life of every child is pre-determined too. The child will get to keep a stuffed toy until a certain age, and then the child will have to start school. Every child has a certain number of hours they need to spend on community service before they turn 12.

After a child turns 12, the ‘Committee’ will assign them jobs to do until they become old. These jobs are also carefully picked by the Committee, to make sure everybody loves doing what they will do.

In a nutshell, the Giver takes all the problems the modern world faces, like poverty, hunger, dishonesty, and unhappiness — and solves them, creating a modern utopia in which everyone’s home looks the same, everyone owns the same possessions, and everyone is treated the same.

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A scene from the movie

It sounds great to us now, it’s a fantasy we were taught to want, but the book makes us wonder if a utopia is really what we want to live in? A world without skin colour, as well as no colour, a world without inequality, as well as a world with no diversity, a world without hate, but also a world without love.

The Giver

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  1. BotLike says:

    Yeah… I read this book too, it was surprisingly good right?


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