What’s new in the new Krishiv Writes!

So, it’s been quite a while – and my sincere apologies for that. Really, I’m very sorry – but the bad news ends there! Just by landing on the site, and in those few seconds it took you to click on this post, you surely would’ve noticed something new. Well, this post is going to be about what exactly I was upto in the few weeks I was gone.

One day, I won gold in a chess tournament, my parents were proud, and my father was feeling especially generous, that day he finally gave me exactly what I had been wanting for quite a while –  I finally got to buy a wordpress premium plan! Ideas of what I could now do to this site, new features I could include formulated in my head like popcorn kernels randomly popping.

So I put the site on private, and started to modify the blog, following is the list of everything that’s new in the brand new Krishiv Writes.

  • A brand new URL/domain name

Honestly I can’t even remember when I had the .wordpress.com domain, it seems so long before now. Yes that’s right – this blog has a completely new domain name –krishivwrites.wordpress.com is now krishivwrites.com

  • New fonts everywhere

Yes, that’s right – I don’t know if you noticed or not, but we now have new fonts everywhere, in all the post headings,  for all the content we have here, new fonts on the new pages, New fonts everywhere!

  • A new color scheme 

This one is rather minor, but it still creates a pretty big impact, I have different colors all over the site

  • Song of the week

A new thing I’m starting is – song of the week – if you scroll to the very bottom of the site, you should see a widget – Song of the Week, if you don’t see it – do contact me. Who doesn’t like listening to good music? So for all of you that are tired of listening to the same old songs in your playlist – this might help! Every week, that song will change. Can you guess the song for this week?

  • Site logo

I spent some time on photoshop, and finally made what I had been planning to make for a (very) long time… A site logo! I don’t think this one needs explaining. It can now go on all my post’s, pages, cards – also –

It can be seen on a new tab

Well I’m pretty proud of it considering it’s my first shot at photoshop, I look forward to seeing a lot of that around this blog.

  • Krishiv Reads and Krishiv’Stories – are now in this very site!   

This is the biggest and most exciting news of all. This website is now home to two more blogs!

You might or might not have known about the two other sites I had, Krishiv Reads and Krishiv’Stories – they have remained three separate sites, until now! In these few weeks, I imported my two other blogs to this site and began categorising them. Finally I’m done, and Krishiv Reads and Krishiv’Stories are now part of this very blog!

And lastly, I would like to thank you, all of my followers, everyone who has commented or liked any of my posts, I would like to thank all of you who are viewing my blog today. I’m a small site, and with all of your support I hope I will grow, so from my side – I give you one big –

Have a great day, and contact me if you notice something off, or something that could be improved.

How do you like the new Krishiv Writes?

              Image – https://softescu.com/blog/knowledge-centre/friendly-urls-make-seo-happy-/2016/02/22/2386, https://www.dtelepathy.com/blog/design/color-theory, https://design.google/library/google-fonts/, https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001698.htm, https://www.grammarly.com/blog/thank-you/

Thank you to all the people for lending me these wonderful pictures .

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