How I managed a (very) busy week

Recently, before my much anticipated holidays started, I was faced with an extremely busy week. All the exams, tournaments, rehearsals, assessments were all smushed up in one week. 7 days. 

Everything that was coming up was #1 priority to me. Everything required constant attention and a lot of hard work. 

Just to set things into perspective, here’s a rundown of everything that would happen in that very week.

Monday – First day of the week – School French assessment (reading) + Drama final rehearsal.

Tuesday – School Design assessment, I had to finish a digital design of a product I would later go on to manufacture (extremely time consuming) + my first Badminton tournament as a Vice-Captain

Wednesday – School french assessment (writing & speaking) + English assessment (had to write a lot)

Thursday – The worst day, AMO (american math olympiad) a competitive math exam + school math test + Badminton tournament ( this one was a league match {not friendly like tuesday})

Friday – School science test + School Humanities test

Saturday –  ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory exam.

As you can probably see above, all the events that would go down in the week could not be compromised. I simply had to do well in Every. Single. Thing. The stakes were too high! Whether it be proving myself to my badminton team, or making my parents proud with good numbers on a math contest, or keeping consistent on my good grades, or it could be my  my future career and a whole lot of money. (piano exam)

That week, time was scarce, every second precious and there never seemed to be enough time. I’m sure many of you have found yourself in a similar situation, either in the past,or maybe you’re facing it right now. 

Anyway, this is how I managed an extremely busy week.

1My phone – I have found this to be one of the biggest distractions since I got it. My first step to making the most productive use to my time was deleting all the games from my phone. No matter how hard it was to press that delete button, I found myself looking at a lot of more time to do important work

Tuitions, what? How are tuitions going to get me more time? They’re not. But the idea will. I found that assigning time slots i.e – I will do math from 5-6, 15 minute break, music from 6-730 etc really helped me out while managing my time

3Asking for help, I learnt I shouldn’t be shy to ask for help from others, my family friends. That week, more than anything I needed to stay focused, that means no distractions. Doing that is no easy job. I found that asking for help, just asking a family member to keep an eye on the clock for me, or nudge me of the sofa really helped me.

Checklisting, by creating a list of everything you got going, and putting in the time and date of the event could really help. Especially if the list is put in a location clearly visible

Meditation as much as I hate to admit it, this is one of the top 5 ways I got through a busy week. And throughout the week, just before I went to bed – just grabbing my headphones and sparing six minutes of my time. By taking my mind of what’s coming tomorrow, and just towards my breathing. I immediately calmed down and got a great night of sleep. Ready for the next day

 I hope this article helped, with however much busy an upcoming week is for you, I really hope you learnt some useful strategies to manage your time and I wish you good luck on whatever is coming next. 

And lastly, I would like to thank you, all of my followers, everyone who has commented or liked any of my posts, I would like to thank all of you who are viewing my blog today. I’m a small site, and with all of your support I hope I will grow, so from my side – I give you one big –

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Thank you to all the people for lending me these wonderful pictures .

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