10 Great Trivia Questions

Making a Trivia? Need “Trivial” questions? Here’s a list of trivia questions to make your game as fun as can be! (Also – some pretty great useless facts for you to know!)

All right then – let’s get this party started!

Trivia question 1 :

How many drums are in an average drum set?

Possible answer 1. – Five

Possible answer 2. – Eight

Possible answer 3. – three

Correct answer 4. – seven

Trivia question 2 :

When was youtube created?

Possible answer 1. December 2005

Possible answer 2. August 2006

Possible answer 3. March 2004

Correct answer 4. February 2005

Trivia question 3 :

Which country hasn’t fought a war since the year 1941?

Possible answer 1. Switzerland

Possible answer 2. Norway

Possible answer 3. Singapore

Correct answer 4. Sweden

Trivia question 4 :

How much does the iPhone X cost?


Possible answer 1. $1100

Possible answer 2. $1500

Possible answer 3. Ur kidney

Correct answer 4. $999

Trivia question 5 :

What is the population of North Korea?

Possible answer 1 million

Possible answer 2. 36 million

Possible answer 3. 1

Correct answer 4. 27 million

Trivia question 6 :

What’s the longestt word in the world?

Possible answer 1. Floccinaucinihilipilification

Possible answer 2. Antidisestablishmentarianism

Possible answer 3. asdfghjkl

Correct answer 4. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Trivia question 7 :

Who was Nick Fury trying contact in the end of Infinity Wars?

Possible answer 1. Antman

Possible answer 2. Spiderman

Possible answer 3. DC movies

Correct answer 4. Captain Marvel

Trivia question 8 :

How many bones are in a human hand?

Possible answer 1. 21

Possible answer 2. 36

Possible answer 3. 23

Correct answer 4. 27

Trivia question 9 :

Which of these compnies is the world’s largest toy distrubuter?

Possible answer 1. Toys R’ Us

Possible answer 2. Disney

Possible answer 3. LEGO

Correct answer 4. McDonalds

Trivia question 10 :

Which is the largest desert in the world?

Possible answer 1. Arabian desert

Possible answer 2. Sahara desert

Possible answer 3. The Gobi Desert

Correct answer 4. Antartic


Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed reading the content above! For now, there are only 10 trivia questions or “trivial” facts. But I’ll keep updating and adding more!

Thanks for your time. Again.

Have a Good Day!


























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