Saurabh Singhal – an Inspiration.

A couple of weeks ago, my class had another English project. This one really made me think deeply about who inspires me the most in this world and who has been my role model for most of my life. People in my class quickly thought about their values and beliefs and compared it to famous people, changemakers and upstanders out there. I thought about my inspiration too and no matter how hard I tried – the person that I really look up to, that I really idolize had only one name…

My father.


That’s right, my father has inspired me my entire life in so many different ways, and I really thought deeply about my thirteen years of being on this planet and how my dad heavily influenced it. I soon didn’t have to think about it, if I had to be true the only one I could think of as a role model, was my dad. So I got to work and I made this 5-minute documentary – Saurabh Singhal – an inspiration

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