Teen activists, the problems they face, how they stand against them and how you can help.

Being an activist, it’s a wonderful thing. It’s you – going out there and making a change in the world, for the better good. Its precise dictionary definition is


The policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.


No matter how you put it, it will always be a great thing to do. But activism – or making a change isn’t always easy, people will always try to prevent you from chasing your passion. And people will always try to drag you down. This article will talk about the top 3 challenges that an activist could face, reasons, top 2 ways you can stand against the challenges, and top 4 reasons of how you can support.



  1. Many people that hinder you from going out there and making a change do it because they don’t think you have it in you.

People are used to seeing kids and teens as the children who need to be told what to do, who need to know what’s right and wrong. Many are used to seeing adults as older, or more mature people going and making a change, because we have this stereotype – that adults can do more and have more potential than kids, but the only thing is -adults can only solve the problems they have, the problems kids and adults face often different. So if an adult doesn’t even face a problem how can they solve it?

This is why more teens who are mature enough are stepping up to solve their own problems, but still this stereotype won’t get out of our head and many people don’t care or want to stop a teen activist from making a change because they don’t think they have the potential to make a change and think they’re wasting their time.

2) Criticism


Criticism, this is the most common yet, the hardest barrier to pass. There can be extreme criticism or hostility and small forms of criticism

Extreme criticism happens when a group of people hate an activist so much, that would go length such as killing to spew out their revenge, a classic example is Malala, the Taliban a strong terror group hated that she was defying their rules, that they decided to go and try to kill her.

Another example is Matthew Williams – an anti-violence activist who was shot because some people did not like the work he was doing according to this article.

CHICAGO — Matthew Williams was a passionate anti-violence activist who moved to Chicago in search of a “new life,” a friend said.

Then – small forms of criticism and hatred, it’s kind of when 100 people throw hundreds of toothpicks that don’t hurt singularly but can kill you plurally. It’s when people don’t think that what you’re doing is important, when people dislike what you’re doing, or people don’t care

An example of criticism is the one McKenna Pope faced – many people insulted and tried to convince her it’s a waste of time – her trying to reach out to Hasbro to change a product –

Here are some extremely rude and discouraging comments and criticism she faced –

  • (disgusting liberal moms, wanting to make their sons gay)

  • (People always need something to {female dog} about)


Another example according to this article why Pakistan hates malala is shown through a twitter post, the criticism boiled down to this –


There’s nothing special about Malala. Many Pakistani children suffer worse fates than Malala. What has Malala ever done for Pakistan? Why does the world love Malala so much? And if Malala really cares about Pakistan, why doesn’t she come back?

The vitriol also included a bizarre but common conspiracy theory: Her shooting was staged.

3) Sometimes natural circumstances don’t let you move forward, It’s not always people that hinder you from pursuing your dream, sometimes – as in the case of William Kamkwamba, to actually quote from the article – the boy who harnessed the wind –


William wanted to study science in Malawi’s top boarding schools. But in 2002, his country was stricken with a famine that left his family’s farm devastated and his parents destitute. Unable to pay the eighty-dollar-a-year tuition for his education, William was forced to drop out and help his family forage for food as thousands across the country starved and died.

Everything above has been strong challenges that young teen activists face, and my theory on why they are there. Up there has been quite heavy to take in, I understand and I will be closing my computer soon but let me first state the top 2 reasons how you can keep going and the top 4 of how you can support.

How to stand against all of the challenges:



  • Focus on the people who support you, and your cause, because there will always be haters and supporters. So look at your supporters and stand by them – listen to them. Stay with them, because once, you start to listen and be with the haters, you can never, ever get anywhere



  • Determination, it really is one of the only ways, to survive, just keep going – until you find a result, keep going, keep going, keep going.


How to support:

  • Give a reaction, as sometimes – no reaction can hurt worse than a bad one
  • Reach out, go out of your way to help if an activist posts something – if you like it, go post something to support it.
  • Take it seriously – don’t treat it as a joke
  • If you disagree, just try to make changes and be respectful instead of just shooting down the idea
  • If you think it’s absolutely unnecessary, ask – ask why do they want to do it, and if you still think it’s useless, give a tiny bit of support – even if you don’t mean it – just a comment of cool idea can make a difference



So, Being an activist, it’s a wonderful thing. It’s you – going out there and making a change in the world, for the better good.

But everyone faces challenges, and now you’re aware of them, and know simple ways to just help.
















image – https://everygirlhastherighttolearn.weebly.com/what-is-teen-activism.html

http://agrytech.org/agrytech-challenge-arabnet/ http://www.dreams.metroeve.com/criticism/






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