The SDGs and MDGs – What they are and why they are there…

The SDG’s, what they are and why they are there…

I recently joined my new school – UWC and there was a “SEED” class last block, SEED stands for social and environmental entrepreneurship development. Here we first talked about the SDGs. I must admit at first I was really lost because I had no idea what in the world the SDGs were. Luckily for me, I didn’t stay confused for long as our teacher did a pretty good job explaining.

Hopefully, now I can explain as well as she did. So here I go –

The sustainable development goals or the SDGs are 17 goals set by the UN (United Nations) to complete by 2030. These goals were set in 2015, after the deadline of the GG (Global Goals), or MDGs (millennial development goals) – if you prefer. These goals give us an idea of the “Future we want.” And are kind of like new ear’s resolution – except to a way a broader variety of people, much more important to humanity and much, much longer –  umm, 15 years give or take? These goals are what problems we most want to see, solved. But before I write more I need to go find some pictures of the Millenial and sustainable development goals.


Aha! Found them – Goals, coming right up!

Here are the global goals –

MDG_symbols2 (1).jpg
MDGs (2000-2015)

And here are The SDGs

One thing I like about the SDG’s that is different from how it was in the MDG’s is that – some of the MDG’s were meant for more ‘developing’ or ‘developed’ countries. While the SDG’s are meant for each and every country. A thing I liked about the MDG’s more is that – they were a whole lot more specific while the SDG’s are very general goals to overcome.

Did we meet the MDGs?

We or – you, in fact, should give yourself a pat on the back for putting our little pieces into the picture of a better world, we have met most of the goals. And meeting goals like these isn’t the same as not eating candy for a week ( which is actually quite hard). These goals benefit humanity and need humanity to benefit them. I was actually quite surprised with the progress we’ve made, and if we keep moving at this rate – we should be done with poverty and hunger till 2030.

Here is what we have met from the goals –

  • Goal 1 Eradicate Extreme Poverty & Hunger rates (people who live on less than $1.25/ a day – has been reduced by half!!! Now 7 in 8 people in the world have food to eat, that’s about 7 billion people!
  • Goal 2 Achieving Universal primary education –  the enrollment rate for primary schools has increased from 83% to 90%. 9/10 primary school age kids are in classrooms!
  • Goal 3 Promote gender equality and empower women – statistics show that gender equality has been achieved on a primary school level!
  • Goal 4 – Reduce child mortality (deaths below the age of 5) – 17,000 fewer children die each day
  • Goal 5 – Improve maternal Health – How astonishing is it to know that, maternal mortality fell by about 45%!
  • Goal 6 – Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases – You will be pleased to know – that HIV infections and Malaria death declined by 40%
  • Goal 7 – Ensure environmental sustainability – We should work on this the most as only a quarter of the world got improved sanitation! Just Kidding! We did great!
  • Goal 8 – Develop a global partnership for the goals – we should be proud that the economic trade continues to improve and that the AID money has hit a record high of $134.8 billion!

So now you can see why I said, we should give ourselves a pat on the back for all we’ve done, we’ve made huge progress (you might have actually, I came in 5 years late) and clearly, we are on the right track to a better future. The MDGs were from 2000 – 2015 as you know and if we have achieved so much in those 15 years – with the newest technological and social advancements we should be able to do double of that in these 15 years. To complete the MDGs and to continue the goals the UN has proudly set another set of goals, which we should complete by 2030.

These goals are called the Sustainable development goals, so the action we must take should be sustainable. Sustainability being – an ability to do the action over and over again. For an example cutting down trees or hunting animals. Can we keep doing that for another million years? No,  because animals and trees aren’t exactly non-renewable resources. One day or the other they will run out. Hence it is not a sustainable thing to do. However using solar panels, is being sustainable as the sun’s light is a renewable resource. We can keep using it for all of eternity.

Some extra facts I found on Wikipedia and World economic forum that might come handy for you in case you are writing an essay here –

  • Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary-General from 2007 to 2016, has stated that: “We don’t have plan B because there is no planet B.”  This I think is actually a quite true fact and a very realistic statement – it explains what lies beneath our eyes, but what is not always noticed
  • On 25 September 2015, the 193 countries of the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Development Agenda titled “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” This is a little specific detail to get you that ‘A’ or ‘exemplary’ or ‘B7’, whatever you want to call it…
  • Unlike the MDGs, the SDG framework does not distinguish between “developed” and “developing” nations. Instead, the goals apply to all countries. – Which is of course very important because we don’t want one country to be very rich and equalised while the other – poor, dirty and unsafe. It will almost be like creating a caste system
  • The idea came from the Rio+20 Summit in 2012 – the largest summit in UN history.
  • Columbia and Guatemala proposed goals to follow on from the Millennium Development Goals,
  • The new goals are the result of a three-year process involving 83 national surveys engaging over 7 million people, making it the biggest consultation in UN history. – All I can say is ‘ WHOA!’
  •  Which country do you think is most likely to complete the goals first? Sweden, according to one report. Norway, Denmark, Finland and Switzerland are close behind.

Another (longer) name for the SDGs is “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” or Agenda 2030 in short. So it pretty much sounds like a plan to help the world. One plan that humans just as humans can follow, and should follow if we want to live as a settled, happy society of creatures.

If you want to see problems like climate change, hunger, poverty and education eradicated. With this new world of the internet (I tried to sound old there(chuckles)) we need as many people to notice the goals and work towards them. So do what you can, aim for a great future and be happy about what good things are happening.

Here’s an amazing video I found on Youtube. It explains a lot and is an amazing video 🙂 I have subscribed to this channel and found the video very well detailed.

The link to the challenge is here –

Thank you, spread the word and save the world however you can.

image –

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