Book Recommendation: The 39 clues… Maze of Bones

Book 3 of my 3-week challenge.

You might be confused, as my book 3 was The 39 clues – king’s ransom and this isn’t the book but I realised after reading the book “a King’s Ransom” that it wasn’t the book I should have read and so I searched it up, turns out this is a book 2 in another series with the 39 clues plot.

So this time I won’t be writing about ‘ Kings Ransom ‘ but about the very first 39 clues book.

Clue hunts were one of my most favourite things to do as a child,  even now. Such things were not limited to me only then. This is a book I picked up on my own from the library, for sure I had heard of the book series. And I’m quite sure you did too but only one day I found it in the library and began reading.

It’s another series and does not look any less promising than most of the other great series I have read. One really bizarre thing that stood out to me from the book was the author (s). Unlike most book series which are written by one author, this series, I noticed is by multiple legendary authors. The first book ‘ maze of bones’ is written by none other than – my new favourite author, Rick Riordan!!

There are 2 siblings, a boy – Dan with his sister Amy. Whose parents have died. But to reason, none of them really knew… Until now. Their most loved grandma who they thought was crazy has brought together people who don’t even know each other and convinced them to believe that they are indeed related. When their Amy and Dan’s grandma – Grace knows she is close to her death she decides to spill the secrets that have been hidden for centuries, after her death, her secretary (whose name I forgot, oops) is given the task of delivering secrets of the hunt to the extended family.

So when people who don’t even know each other are gathered together in an assembly they sit in a hall and are faced with a choice, take a million dollars and leave, or get the first clue to a hunt that will give them immense power. Amy (Dan’s sister, decides to take the clue (which annoys Dan a lot)) and set fire to the million. From there Amy and Dan embark on a dangerous (very) clue hunt, in which heart-stopping moments, thrilling escapades and breathtaking betrayals are written down.

It is a cleverly written interesting plot and a very entertaining, relaxing read. It is one of those books that give you enough action, enough suspense, enough pleasure alongside a relaxing reading.

I personally liked this book, it’s not bad. Very entertaining and action filled. I have a feeling it’s a good series to start, If you’re sitting in the library thinking – eh, what should I read? I’d probably recommend you this as it isn’t a very serious, long book. But instead a good chilled out, short adventure publish.

Here are some quotes pertaining to this book! These perfectly capture what I had no words for in a few lines –

The book dazzles with suspense, plot twists, and snappy humour, but the real treasure may very well be the historical tidbits buried in the story…this novel stands solidly on its own feet and will satisfy while whetting appetites for more.” — School Library Journal, starred review of Book 1: The Maze of Bones

An interactive mystery…it’s more than just a reading adventure.” — Boys’ Life

“This is a multi-media adventure where you also search for clues— in books, trading cards and online. Get searching!” — Girls’ Life

“Trading card and web components make this new adventure series impossible for even reluctant readers to pass up.” — Instructor Magazine

“…a blend that might pull gamers and reluctant readers into a book.” — Sacramento Bee “Effortlessly entertaining… Riordan masterfully introduces a cast of Cahills.” — Austin American Statesman, on Book 1: The Maze of Bones

“The 39 Clues series gets off to a roaring start with Rick Riordan tale…” — The Plain Dealer

“The 39 Clues is a really cool idea for an interactive reading experience… If you like to solve mysteries, this series is for you.” — Detroit Free Press


Here are the numerical ratings for the book –

9.60 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9.75 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.60  out of 10 for the storyline


And totally, including every other factor – 4.70/5!  Overall – Nice book!


Merry reading




















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