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Heroes of Olympus

The demigod diaries



Book 2 of my 3-week challenge. Read.

I finished reading this book very shortly after my holidays begun, and it was definitely a nice, easy, comfort-level book to read. This 242-page book has 3 sections to it, with three different stories in each of them. It was again just as I would say for any other book by Rick Riordan – remarkably well written, and never let me say – “okay I’m going to stop now and read the rest tomorrow.” instead I always only thought – “maybe one more page?”  So before I knew it the book was finished, and I was off writing.


Back-page summary:



Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase must rescue stolen goods from a fire-breathing giant who doesn’t take kindly to intruders.

And Leo, Piper and Jason have to dodge a band of party-loving mænads and stave off an explosion – in one hour or less…

Discover these three never-before-seen short stories starring the heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson –  PLUS character profiles, interviews, puzzles and so much more.



Well, that pretty much explains it all. What more do I have to say? It was just pure entertainment to me.

After the Percy Jackson series finished, readers wanted more and another bestselling series – the heroes of olympus was released. This book is set between the first and second book in the heroes of olympus series and, yes, I was wrong to call it a supplement. It is a must read for any and every kid. So trust me, it is just great entertainment, much like all he other books in the series

Here’s something I found on Riordan wikia –

The Heroes of Olympus: The Demigod Diaries was released on August 14, 2012 and is the companion book to the one of the main series The Heroes of Olympus. Rick Riordan officially announced the book on January 9, 2012 on his blog. His son, Haley Riordan has written his own short story called The Son of Magic in the book.

The first short story is about a boy called Luke – who you will be familiar with if you have read the Percy Jackson series. If not- Luke is a demigod, a son of a god and a mortal, who has powers and so doesn’t exactly fit in with us. There are more like him – Percy, Thalia, Annabeth… But this story today talks about Luke and Thalia’s little ‘adventure/almost dying’ experience.

5 years in the past Thalia spots a magical goat who she convinces luke and herself to chase, and while chasing the got they enter a house of a cursed demigod who is forced to live with mutts and then watch anyone who enters his house die, also at the hands of the mutts from where his voice comes. He is a son of Apollo and has powers to allow him to see the future, but his father cursed him for showing the future to the wrong person and now he can only be able to speak through ( the bad greek mythological creatures) and never leave the home.

Will they be able to leave safely? They have 7 hours to try. I don’t think so. Read the book and find out!

It is a hair-raising page-turner that beautifully writes an adventure. After all, Rick Riordan is known for his fast-paced books. This is the diary of Luke Castellan. The boy who now is, (in the time when his diary was written), without doubt, the bravest and most loyal demigod but who turns out to be a traitor. But no-one could think that. Not even Luke himself.


The next story is of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase – 2 young demigods, who are recruited by Hermes ~ the god of travellers and thieves to track down and bring back his symbol of power. His staff. It is a weapon of impossible power and Hermes has lost it, to the wrong hands. He knows a giant has stolen it and this short story gives a few short peeks at the ‘big bad’ in this series. The story follows the greatest storyteller’s – Percy and Annabeth’s adventure hunting the staff.

And so Percy and Annabeth, on their first date are out to fight an immortal monster by getting through a construction hole in the middle of Manhattan ( which turns out to be disturbingly easy) Try to buy some fake Gucci’s from a monster and wish to get out of there alive. Through thinking, dialogue and action – I bring to you, or rather, Rick Riordan brings to you – Percy Jackson and the staff of Hermes!

It as an impossibly impressive book of a few pages and a great, meeting-the-standards book of the Percy Jackson world. Love it.


The second-to-last story is set between the 1st and 2nd books of the heroes of Olympus series, so is everything else too, well. Leo, a demigod with extraordinary powers of engineering, carelessly loses a part of a very important machine. He gathers two of his friends to help find it in one hour – before the ship self-explodes. And so does the camp.

The journey isn’t as easy as it should have been though, and a heart-stopping story adventurously searches for a part of a machine while not blowing the entire camp up.

It is a journey of three young demigods, Leo, Piper and Jason fighting through party crazed mænads, who hate work. Have razor sharp teeth and are pretty much, well… Monsters. A story to get your heart rate up, during the last few seconds before the camp self-explodes and the rest of the adventure is based  – Rick Riordan’s – umm, I dont know? Leo and the mænads?

Just kidding! – Leo Valdez and the quest for Buford!

The last story in the book is not set between the first and second books of the heroes of Olympus series, it could, in fact, be a series of its own. It is claimed to be written by Rick Riordan’s son, another marvel of writing..

This is another story set in Percy’s world with brand-new demigods but with the same concept.

The story starts off with a bestselling author named ‘Claymore’ who has finished giving a speech in front of an audience. At the end of his speech, he asks the audience for questions, and a boy in the crowd volunteers an answer “Why can’t we stop Death?”.

Dr Claymore is surprised but he answers the question smartly. After ending his speech the boy who asked the question gives him his address, hoping to get an answer to his question. That night, Dr Claymore gets a mysterious call from the host asking for something the boy gave him.

In utter confusion Claymore refuses and hangs up. When Claymore goes to sleep he has a vision of the boy talking to a woman who he calls ‘mother’ and the boy tells her that his sister is trying to kill him and he asks for help. Talk about family problems. His mother refuses to come between the children.

In the morning Claymore dresses up casually but he also puts his gun in his pocket, just in case of crazy fans. He then goes to his favourite coffee shop and has his usual.

Later the host from the last night’s talk shows up and threatens Claymore. She uses the mist to confuse Claymore. He tries using his gun on the host who turned into a monster. Only the hard way did he realize she was immortal. Running out of bullets and playing a game of legs vs magic with the monster. Things start getting ugly for Claymore, as his last resort, still thinking the world is crazy, he shows up at Alabaster’s house (another demigod – son of Hecate, like Lamia/ the host/ the monster) During a skin-tingling combat he learns about the whole world of gods and monsters.

A hair-raising, splendid short story keeping up with the action, plot and emotions, it is one-another great book in the Percy Jackson universe, it’s an exceptional story altogether

I loved this book as a whole, it entertained me – for sure. And it is a great supplement that keeps the Rick Riordan name.

For numerical ratings, I would like to give the three short stories –

Diary of Luke Castellan:-

9.5 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9.5 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.7  out of 10 for the storyline


And totally, including every other factor – 4.7/5!


Percy Jackson and the staff of Hermes:-

9.90 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9.65 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.80  out of 10 for the storyline


And totally, including every other factor – 4.8/5!


Leo Valdez and the quest for Buford:-

9.5 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9.25 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.65 out of 10 for the storyline


And totally, including every other factor – 4.70/5!



Son of magic:- 

9.5 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9.45 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.55 out of 10 for the storyline


And totally, including every other factor – 4.60/5!


Sorry for that hugely long post and umm if you don’t mind now I should be going and reading my next book – The 39 clues book 1 – maze of bones


Merry Reading!











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