Book recommendation: Wonder… Written By R.J Palacio

I’ve always liked adventure books with extraordinary plots, things that usually don’t happen in real life.

I still do.

But what has changed is that – I used to think that normal life as we know it is boring. You need something special, fiction, to add more entertainment to it.

‘Why’ Is the question I ask myself now.

Wonder. When you hear this name, what do you think? I think of something special, unique, magical. Miraculous. After reading the book I know that the truth is no further.

Have you ever read a book – finished it and said to yourself – “aww man, I wish that could happen to me.”? I’m pretty sure we all have. Well after reading Wonder – for once, I didn’t say so. I stopped myself because – I thought – ‘wait a sec, I am living this.’

None of it, I saw could be a fiction. All of it was true enough to be lived, and this was the life of – you, and me. This book- the writing itself raises its standard bar to somewhere at the top. And then the topic – the same topic all of us experience, the unfair advantage of the very topic of life takes the story to the greatest level.

This is a story about a special boy named August Pullman – who has the won the unfortunate lottery of a 1-in-4-million chance of multiple deformities, the book is set in Manhattan and features most of the people who are in Auggie’s life in 5th grade.  August’s life isn’t easy, and his journey surviving at the start of middle school is a

August spent 99% of his time at home, only rarely going out to play, never when there were other kids around, he gets homeschooled and avoids crowded streets. He even wore an astronaut helmet for two years everywhere he went. Wierd, yes. But it was less weird than seeing his face, he thought.

But suddenly everything changes in Auggie’s life when his mum decides to put him into a real middle school. His dad doesn’t agree – Like a lamb to a slaughter august’s dad says. Unfortunately for August though both his parents are soon convinced and after a lot of convincing from either parent August makes the daring decision to agree…

And so begins the fascinating journey of August, through the hardest years in anyone’s life. The book illustrates many difficulties, experiences, casual talks, rumors, bullying, studies, classes, making friends, betrayals, lies, peer pressure, middle school wars, the middle school ‘cheese touch’ and every problem a kid can face in their time at school.

We also get a glimpse of everything from his friends and family’s point of view. The different ways various age groups, genders see the same situation. The book is written with raw power and the words used are pure magic. The portrayal of life as it is is something to commend. And overall it is – The Best Book I have Ever Read.

Middle school is as hard as it will get, I’m told and as hard it is for a normal person like me, with a normal face to try and fit in, to make friends, this book completely explains the journey of someone deformed as they go through grade 5. The emotions that are put into it are clearly written from the heart, and the art of writing is layed in this book to its fullest…

Here are some more praises for the book Wonder:-

WONDER is the best kids’ book of the year. . . My favourite thing about Wonder, though, is not that Auggie perseveres—it’s how unsparing the book is about the trouble he encounters along the way.”


: “Rich and memorable…It’s Auggie and the rest of the children who are the real heart of ‘Wonder,’ and Palacio captures the voices of girls and boys, fifth graders and teenagers, with equal skill.”

-New York Times

” It wreaks emotional havoc”

– Independent 

“Has the power to move hearts and change minds”


“Tremendously uplifting and a novel of all-to-rare-power”

Sunday Express

“Incredibly charming, brutal and brilliant”


Moreover, I would like to recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is definitely one of the must reads of humanity. And if you’re here to decide whether or not to buy this book, if it wasn’t already obvious enough – go, go, go for it!

Definitely my new favourite

For numerical ratings (based on the writing, not concept.)

9.7 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9.8 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.9 out of 10 for the storyline

And totally, including every other factor – 4.90/5!

Merry reading!

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