Book recommendation : Endangered…

Back page story:-

When Sophie has to visit her mother at her sanctuary for bonobos, she’s not thrilled to be there. Then Otto, an infant bonobo, comes into her life, and for the first time, she feels responsible for another creature.


But peace does not last long for Sophie and Otto. When an armed revolution breaks out in the country, the sanctuary is attacked, and the two of them must escape unprepared into the jungle. Caught in the crosshairs of a lethal conflict, they must struggle to keep safe, to eat, and to live.

The review

The first book in my challenge was Endangered. 

6 days in, and I have read 2 out of my 7 books, not so bad I guess…

The book endangered is written by Eliot schrefer; an author who came to our school to talk about this very book. And I was greatly intrigued by his speech, the book seemed like good stuff and so I picked it up.

I must admit, after the speech, the book was in high demand. And I was pretty late in getting to it, but now after I had it I understood why no one was giving it back quickly.

I first began reading it in my classroom, and in our English class, we get 30-45 minutes to read every day. But I personally got really irritated when I had to put it down.

I wouldn’t think that this was a book to read for half an hour and then keep it down. It is an action and adventure-filled book, some parts are very strong and can get a bit uncomfortable, and it overall is a pretty intense read.

For sure it isn’t your relaxing weekend read, and it is one of the more intense books you would read, but don’t get the wrong impression – the writing, style, plot story were all next to flawless. Definitely, this is a book that tips more to the Great side of my liking scale.

It is a marvel of a writing about survival, love, and trust. The book starts off with a girl named ‘Sophie’ whose parents are divorced. Her dad lives in Florida while her mom runs a bonobo sanctuary in a country within central Africa – Congo. Sophie lives in Florida too and often comes to visit her mother. This is one of those “times”. During her stay, she comes across an animal trafficker, looking for money and ready to sell a withered, in desperate need of help bonobo. Sophie’s great love for animals immediately comes into action and in a daring move, she buys the bonobo. Even after being advised not to.

This upsets Sophie’s mum but the bonobo is close to death and it’s a long way before he can rise up again. Sophie’s strong love for him – who she named ‘Otto’ tells her to not give up on him. And so forms a special bond, one unbreakable, by the harshest times. That is shown in this book.  But this new happiness in Sophie’s life doesn’t stay for long. One day before she is supposed to leave back for Florida the president of Congo is killed. This sends havoc through the country. Thugs walk the roads and an armed conflict breaks out in the democratic republic of Congo. Suddenly no-where is safe, roads are suicide and soon the sanctuary will be too.

Although, this doesn’t go unseen to the world. The USA sends an airlift to go help all US citizens back home and soon enough the UN van arrives at Sophie’s door.  Sadly though the UN won’t allow an endangered animal aboard a rescue. Sophie is faced with a heartbreaking choice. The bonobo and she had grown so close, she couldn’t just leave him to die. So she didn’t. Instead, she ran. Ran. Ran. Ran. Away from the UN vehicle off to survive on her own, till peace. With a bonobo for company. 

And there begins a thrilling journey. One with adventures, fun, excitement and one that automatically sends your heart beating super-fast. Trying to fit in with a bonobo community. Trying not to die of starvation and thirst. Hiding and living because of just an AIDS sign. Heart-stopping adventures. Fighting for friendship. Protecting a group of a species different from your own. Reunions. Pleasure. 

That is what you will find in this book.

You should definitely read this book it’s a yes-yes from me, and from many others, I am sure. But remember to take your time, if you start feeling uncomfortable, you don’t have to read it, and if you want a relaxing happy non-intense read – Maybe not. But I for one loved it.

Here are some praises for the book

The Washington Post:

“Eliot Schrefer grounds this taut, heart-wrenching tale in details gleaned from his work on a similar sanctuary and paints vivid portraits of intelligent, peaceful primates.”


The New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice:

“Sometimes during an act of heroism, it’s the saviour who ends up being saved. Such is the case in Eliot Schrefer’s dazzling, big-hearted novel Endangered…As riveting as the action is, it’s the nuanced portraits of the characters, human and ape, that make the story so deeply affecting.”



“A vividly realized setting and a harrowing portrait of a country at war… nature-loving teens will be captivated.”

“This story needs to be heard. Endangered will reach deep into the reader’s heart and soul, never to be forgotten.”



“A thrilling adventure that explores the transformative bond between a human and an ape.”


For numbered ratings-



9.5 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9.25 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.25  out of 10 for the storyline


And totally, including every other factor – 4.45/5!


Merry reading!


image –

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