Update on all the works in progress and plans ahead…


Hi there! I know that I haven’t really uploaded much to this blog of mine for awhile now, and I am really sorry about that. However, while I have not been able to upload anything on this website I have sure been busy on my other blogs

Recently I started  5 more blogs, and I’m going to write a bit about them and then I’ll share with you my plans ahead and what all works in progress are currently being implemented.


My Other Blogs.

As you might have read on my site page Other blogs by me! I run 3 more websites and have been really busy and working hard to make them as interesting as I can for you guys.


Krishiv Reads

I started this blog around 3 quarters of a year ago and it sure has been a lot of work getting it set-up, but now it is ready.

Reading has always been one of the greatest passions of mine and writing has forever been my favourite thing to do. Have you ever watched TV with a guilty feeling of – I-could-be-reading-right-now? I’m sure you have, everyone has had that feeling at least once. So I figured – why not create a website that reviews great books and sharing my interpretation of the book with others.

This is why I made an internet book club! This is where everyone and anyone can easily share a book that they like and review it,  I review great books every weekend and believe it or not – it’s actually quite fun! So if you just read a great book – don’t keep it to yourself. Share it!

Here is a sneak peek of a review of a book that is one of my personal favourites – The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer

The wishing spell

This, is an extremely  well written, Super interesting and descriptive story about two children- one a storybook geek and the other a witty boy who doesn’t see the point of studies, their father dies in an accident and they lose their home, their mother now works day and night to keep their family running, and on the twins birthday their grandmother actually gives them a gift! A storybook,  but not a normal one, in fact, a magical one, the twins discover the books magic and fall into the adventure-filled land of stories…. now I know this may sound super babyish and boring to you but trust me, it is not. 

Have you ever wondered what is the aftermath of stories and what happens to all the characters in the classic stories like Cinderella and the seven dwarfs and where the characters go and what lives they lead? 

Well, this is the exact setting where the Land of Stories is situated, It is a wonderful place, but along with the heroes and the good guys, villains too exist in all stories and The Land Of Stories or the Otherworld does not exclude them.  

Conner and his Sister Alex are immediately afraid when they arrive in this alien world. And Explore the place, but the longer they stay here the more they are afraid of how they will get back to their home. And so while exploring the land of Stories and sometimes barely missing their deaths, Conner and Alex disembark on a journey to assemble the wishing spell… Thier only way back home, unfortunately, someone far more powerful is looking for the same ingredients… 

Will they be stuck here? That’s what it looks like.

Click to read more!


But even after reading books as great as the Land of Stories series, rarely the exact craving for the book with the story want to read is ever fulfilled, and sometimes that craving stays for weeks, months even.

And this is where my next blog comes in…




I opened this blog very recently (about a month ago) and am proud to say that I have already published 4 stories on it.

Until now I have published real-life stories that were really significant in my life, some of them have brought about a change/realization to my thinking (like – The Impossible race and Bullying – the story of being a witness)

While some have brought about a change in my life some have just been exciting and Significant events in my life (for example – Hurricane! But the worst isn’t always the storm! and Chased by your worst fear!)

Writing has forever been my passion and blogging is a great way for me to channel my writing to the world… Be sure to visit my newest addition to The Krishiv Sites. 


Here is a quick view of my newest story – Chased by your worst fear


The pool was only around ten meters away from me now, but at this rate, the dog would catch up to me in the next 2 meters. I looked to my right and saw tables, recliners and chairs lying around. I tried to throw as many things that my worsening, bleeding and now numb hand would allow – which was not much.

Yet I managed to slow the dog down a few seconds. As I opened the gate with my bad hand, pain shot through me, I felt like I was going to faint right there but I still put the last of my energy into my trembling legs to jump forward and took a deep breath.


I felt something tug the back of my shirt and prevent me from going into the water. My back whammed the wall of the deep pool and I felt like I had broken something. Pain exploded through my body and I felt my senses faltering.  If I had really broken my spine I knew I would be bedridden for life and I hoped against all the odds that this was not what would happen to the rest of my life.

The first thing I saw once I hit the wall was the blood filled water centimetres below me. The next thing I saw was the black, murderous dog running towards me from half a meter away. 


Works in progress…

Krishiv travels and My thought on 

These are my newest works in progress, there isn’t much on them yet but I hope to see more posts on those sites. Krishiv travels is basically a collection of all my travel experiences with a few more details than the ones on this blog. While My thought on... is the blog on which I post my personal thoughts and theories on many, many topics – like major world events and world news, while some are just my thoughts on controversial and ordinary topics.


Also, you might have noticed my newest category – my personal opinion on various topics. Where I post my personal thoughts and theories on many, many topics – like major world events and world news, while I post some articles on my thoughts on controversial and diverse topics. In this category, I have posted an article on the iPhone x –

My theory on iPhone X – Why did Apple start roman numerals? And why does the new iPhone suddenly not have a home button? 

I have made a commitment to upload one of my personal thoughts, theories and/or opinions of mine on any topic every weekend, I really hope you like reading my articles and stories as much as I enjoy writing them.


Here is a glimpse of my post on the newest iPhone –

My theory, or rather I think that Apple is doing the precise thing Samsung did in this aspect too.

If you think about it you will notice that Samsung has different series of smartphones – ( e.g – the Samsung s7 and the Samsung J7) and Apple has this year proved that they are doing the same.

Here is my evidence –

Just like Samsung they have used different terms to describe their smartphone series – numerical values –  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 to roman numerical values (only X until now)


What I’m saying is that Apple has opened a new series of smartphones as I think they understand that – Samsung users should be more comfortable when they shift from Samsung to apple (as I said – not in the price sector) or that Apple is fresh out of ideas for innovation. so they looked up to Samsung. (if you notice there is hardly any difference between the iPhone 6,7 and 8. as I stated earlier)






And that’s all my friends, really looking forward to that new post  coming this weekend and I hope you have a great day

Hint: its about Bitcoin, my opinion on Bitcoin…. good or bad?t















image credit – http://leapyoga.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/6360610785851960672068369534_schedule-image-1-1.jpg








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