Book recommendation: Land of stories – Worlds collide


The Final Installment of the land of stories series gives a final grand touch to Chris Colfer’s The Land Of Stories… The ever-awaited collision between our world and the fairytale world is written in a flawless manner…Truly astounding

I finished reading the fifth book of the ever-entertaining land of stories series in December 2016 and Chris Colfer surely gave me a long and painful wait until I could get my hands on the sixth and sadly final instalment of the land of Stories series…


On July 11, 2017, the sixth book – Worlds collide was finally available in stores. And even then I couldn’t get my hands on the sixth book until now. The fifth book was written in such a way that it satisfied my questions from the fourth book, but it added two more questions to every question answered and it was just killing me! Now that I had the sixth book in my hands,  I just wouldn’t stop reading About how the Fairytale world and our own very world finally collided. This epic conclusion raises the land of stories satisfaction level to a whole new level.  This adventure ranges from Alex being cursed to the book huggers figuring out Conners Secret to the witches taking over the world all the way to nuking New York City.


As we knew from the last book Alex has lost control of her powers, But no one knows it’s because the witches have cursed her with the same magic mirror powder as they did with Enzima.  The witch Morina Makes a master plan to (SPOILER ALERT* ) weaken the other world using the witches as a bait, as she knows that the humans have evolved and no longer use spears to defend themselves. However, she doesn’t say so to the other witches as her final goal is to take over the otherworld and rule the otherworld with the literary masters and Alex as her guard dog. But Connor will do anything and everything in his power to prevent this from happening.  Will he succeed? That’s a question that can only be answered after reading the book.

While Morina’s plan is unfolding in the otherworld, things aren’t looking too good in the fairytale Kingdoms either. A mythological creature named medusa has found the kings and queens of all the kingdoms hiding and has unintentionally turned them all into stone.  The literary characters are ruling the fairytale world and our favourite frog – Froggy has been trapped inside a mirror by Morina… He takes on a personal mission – to inform the twins about the incoming dangers of the literary army even if costs him to give up his sanity, but they have already found out – the hard way.


Although the starting of the book is a bit slow, the climax makes up for it with a bonus, after the 4th book beyond the kingdom’s, I found this to be the best instalment of the series.

Just like any other Land of stories book – What can I say, the words in Chris Colfer’s writing seem like magic, and my words are never enough to praise his magical creation. I started reading this series 1 year ago and waiting for books and all, I can say without a doubt that I have most definitely not grown out of the age group of the readers which I believe should be anywhere between 10 – 12 years. This was a fun and comforting book, and I would definitely recommend it as a relaxing weekend read.


I would rate this


10out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9 out of 10 for vocabulary

9 and a half out of 10 for the storyline


Merry reading!



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