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I recently went on a holiday to Dubai and today I will share my trip and personal experience in this ever-growing city…

The tickets were booked everything was finalized, my 1 month of waiting had finally come to an end, the packed suitcases waited to be picked up from the hall and our trip to Dubai was starting at last.


Our trip started like this …


The alarm clock rang and we all woke up without the need of the second alarm, the day had finally arrived! We had needed a holiday now and here it was, anyways we immediately woke up, freshened up and ate breakfast quickly, my Father booked a cab to the airport, and we swiftly finished all the formalities, got into the plane and voila! our holiday in Dubai had started…




After a long and tiring flight, at last we stepped into the scorching land of UAE and into the ever growing city of Dubai… 


Now Even though we had reached Dubai, for now our final destination was our resort Atlantis, and maybe even some good food, and as we checked into our resort Atlantis and explored the property, we knew that we had a very fun next four days in front of us.. we swiftly checked in collected our room keys and freshened up in our room…


After freshening up it was time to have some fun, to actually start the holiday , so we put on our swimsuits and headed straight to the water park of the resort, and played the river rapids ride again and again every time to different locations, the ride just din’t seem to get over!


So after spending an outstanding hour and half in the waterpark, we headed out to the giant Swimming pools, chilled there, and chatted and chatted… finnaly we got out of the pool, got on a buggy and went back to our room to change. 
after we were back in our normal clothes we sat in the lounge for some time, and then took a long nice peaceful stroll… What a great first day

This day was like a great meal but of course it needed a dessert to top it off…


So in search of this this great dessert, we set off to Dubai Marina where massive building scraped the skies,( if the skies were alive, I’m sure when they came over the dubai marina all they would say would be ‘oouch!’.)


 after exploring the place for half an hour we had a heavy dinner in a restraunt called  Reem Al Bawadi,( a suggestion from a friend, by the way) took some photos there, and finally came back to our resort at around 10pm, and then had had a good nights sleep. 




In the morning the next day, surprisingly all of us eagerly woke up (yes, that includes us kids) I guess because after experiencing the first excellent day, we all were very excited for another, even better day, so we got up freshened up, had nice, comfortable, hot, long baths and headed down towards a delicious breakfast.


After a great meal of pancakes cereals salad and hot chocolate, my parents went for their massage while me and my sister played in the kids club for a couple of hours, what fun ! After enjoying in the kids club (or in my parents case, the massage ) we had some good family time and snacks in the imperial club lounge ( which was fabulous, by the way.) Then after spending an hour of chatting and feasting on nachos, we headed to our spacious room for some rest.


After a short nap we decided that we have had enough rest now it was time for fun, so we headed off to the enchanting lost chambers aquarium.


After getting our tickets swiftly done we entered the lost city of atlantis and the amazing world of fish, while in the aquarium we admired all of the exhibits, the alligator , shark, stingray, jelly fish all of it. then we saw the fish feeding show and learnt about different types of fish ,and the various signals divers use while inside water, then we explored the rest of the aquarium and had some snacks in the lounge, while eating my mom found out that there are guided tours that happen every hour about the lost city of atlantis, so we joined the next tour and learnt all about tge lost city.


By now it was already 4:30, so we immediately put our swimsuits on again and set off to the waterpark to play the all the rides we already had not, as we dropped my sister and mom to the kiddy pool, me and my dad then raced to the Poseidon tower where I did all the three fun rides. we even did the rapids ride again and joined my sister in the kiddy where we had a lot of fun too.


Now after so much fun and swimming, we were all extremely  tired and hungry so we swiftly changed back, had a delicious dinner in the imperial club lounge and a peaceful nice walk along the sea…. Then finally, we had a good nights sleep, possibly the most sound sleep for me till now….


As we awoke the next morning, we were happy and sad…


Happy: Because today was the exciting day when we would finally do the famous and cool and fun desert safari, we had heard so much about (apperantly one of the most famous attraction of Dubai)


Sad: Because today was also the day in which we checked of our, extremely cosy, fun and massive resort Atlantis….


So we packed up, checked out from Atlantis and headed to the central, to check into the tallest hotel in the world, the amazing JW Marriot… we quickly checked in our junior suite, and boy! It was big!                   For the first 45 minutes all we did was explore the huge room, we played some music watched tv, took baths and had a delicious in room  lunch, then knowing that we had a very tiring evening in front of us we decided to catch a few Zzzzzzzzs


After a nice cosy nap we woke up to extreme excitement, we were finally going to the desert safari so freshened up grabbed a snack and heade to to our lobby and then to the jeep from Arabian adventures. as we drove to the desert our very friendly driver told us about the desert and the safari and we quickly became good friends..,.


After a Long drive we finally arrived to the safari start point, where many other safari cars like ours had lined up very systematically, upon reaching there we had to wait for a short while in which we took pictures and had a snack. And then finally got into the car and the safari started…..


At first it was quite slow so I was getting a bit worried about how much fun I would really have but then it got fun once we in the dunes, the driver revved up the engine and Zoom The dune bashing had started! We went over the dimes at high speed


Took 75 degree slopes nearly flipped our car so many times! We raced up high dunes and Low… It was like a adventure film the cars were up and down veering from side to side falling, climbing and also airtime, our driver took us up a dune and jumped off so we technically had one or Two second of airtime.


This fun continued for another half an hour which was really cool with me! But finally the safari had to come to an end…


Although the safari has ended but the fun hadn’t we drove to the sunset area to see the marvellous sunset and play in the desert for a while, while our driver hanged out with his friends…


After running and jumping around so much we were all very tired, but luckily for us our next stop was dinner and activities, so we arrived there as well and did Camel riding, while my Sister and Mom did henna painting I took photos and checked out the snacks, and soon the food was served, we wolfed down our dinner just in time for the tanoora dance( which was amazing by the way) and then we had a beautiful star gazing session for 15 minutes in which they switched off all the lights and let the stars shimmer overhead. What a beautiful sight….


And with this the safari came to an end, it was around 10 in the night now and we were still in the car, my Sister had slept and my dad was tallying about how great the safari was and it was defenitly worth triple the money, while I was writing about yesterday. Soon conclusion, I Guess its go arabian adventures!!!!!!!


After a Long ride we finally reached our hotel and as soon as I hit the bed I went –




And then


Ring!!! Ring!!! Ring!! Ring!! Ring!!! Ring !!! Ring !! Ring!!!


But instead of waking up we decided to sleep late because we had no time bounding appointment today…


But it’s not like we slept the whole day, so don’t worry we did wake up because today was the most important day the day we see Burj Khalifa!! The tallest building of the world! But that was at six what to do till then? Well, that’s a question that can never arise in Dubai, because the city is so huge that a day can go by just exploring a fraction of it, we spent the first Two hours in the hotel, chilling out and then went to the mall of emirates for lunch and shopped…


And then we went to the Gold Souk, I found it like a normal market as its layout was like a vegetable market and the shops were aligned in no special way but that was before I learned that the dealers sell GOLD!!  But since our suitcase was already over-filled we couldn’t buy anything, though it was still a great experience….


No one really knew how time flew that day and soon the time for BURJ KHALIFA had come!!!!!! so we drove along to Burj Khalifa and entered….


The security checked our tickets before letting us in, of course, and we got in to the tallest building in the world as we walked to the fastest lifts of the world we looked, awestruck at the mouth-opening décor of the place, many screens showed statistics like burj khalifa= 3 Eiffel towers, burj khalifa = 2 empire state buildings etc. we passed countless models of the building and read stories of how it was made, and finnaly we reached the super fast (and secured) lifts and got into them after waiting in a queue, soon after once we were inside, the guard pressed our level (124&125) and closed the door.. as soon as the  door closed a very  well made and interesting  video about the tower started…..  it continued, as we shot skyward, and in no time we had reached up, to the 125 floor.


On reaching up we admired the marvellous cityscape of this ever growing city,   took turns viewing the entire city from the telescope,  and then admired the sunset from the highest building in world. With all of this we took tons and tons of photos, we then went down to the 124th floor which was the worlds highest observatory deck and had a good conversation ant took more photos ….


Soon the world famous fountain show had started, which we watched from the 124th floor, (but if you ask me I think it would be better if the fountain show was watched from below.). By the time the show was over it was 7:30 which was the time for us to go down so after admiring the view one last time we headed back into the super fast lifts and shot back down to the ground floor..


After getting back to the ground we hung around in the area, taking photos of the super tall tower, and watched the fountain show again, but from the ground this time. We walked around the street and talked about how great this trip had  been… once we were hungry, we ate in P.F Changs, which was in the mall of emirates (fabulous food by the way, strongly recommended ) after eating we took our last photos of the Burj khalifa, enjoying our last night in UAE, our last few hours in Dubai. After enjoying this vacation so much we made a mental note come back here, maybe Abu Dhabi next time? But surely I will be back here…..


So after hanging around the area, we hailed a taxi and rode back to our hotel half asleep. In our room we all packed our stuff for our trip tomorrow back to Singapore.


Soon the packing was done, and we all fell asleep soundly…..


The next day we woke up early and left for the airport, for home. As we took our last looks at the city I realised that, on most other trips I feel happy going back to home sweet home, but Dubai was such a city that it made me want to stay…


But of course we had to go back to our home so we checked in to the flight, got onto our airplane and whoosh… took off….and landed….


And in no time (actually 7 hours )



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