Book recomendation: Land of Stories – An Authors Odyssey

Hello, everyone this is on the fifth of the land of stories series -( An Authors Odyssey)-  which I finished reading a few hours ago so I am still pretty much still dazed in the world of this book and am already anxiously waiting for July eleven, 2017 when the next book, book 6, worlds collide gets released…

Before continuing with this review, I would like you to think about all your favorite books maybe – Harry potter, Percy Jackson etc. etc. …….

Done? Now imagine entering your stories and being able to talk, play, fight along with your favorite characters. And if you’re an author who’s reading this – then even better, you can imagine living in your own story!

Also, when you read books and you know something is going to happen ahead in the story and the character doesn’t know that it’s going to happen do you ever wish that you could be in the book and stop whatever is going to happen or tell the character about it? because I certainly do…


And this is exactly what Alex and Conner do in this extreme book.

The masked man has appointed himself emperor of the fairy tale world after gathering all the villains from numerous stories and taking over the fairy tale world with their help, now it’s up to Alex Conner and their friends to save their world from this mayhem… if the masked man can recruit villains from stories with the magic potion, so can the twins but the only problem is the time they have is really little and the work they need to do is huge so will they make it in time to save the world the royals and civilians or will it be too late?


So, begins an adventure in books, literally! In the bestselling fifth book of the land of stories series!


If I were to rate this marvelous book in the storyline, grammar and sentence formation and vocabulary I would give it –

10out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9 out of 10 for vocabulary

9 and a half out of 10 for the storyline

But for the whole book, I would finally rate it – 

 4.7 / 5
This book was superb in all aspects for a child of my age (9-12)
So merry reading!



















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