Book recomendation: Land of Stories – A Grimm Warning

Hello there my friends, I finished reading the third book in the bewildering Land of Stories series just yesterday. Just like the previous two land of stories books this one has also had me lost in the book’s world, at times so lost that it took a slap to shake me out of it 🙂

In the days of the war, the French empire is not satisfied by the OtherWorld they want to conquer the fairy tale world too… 

Conner Bailey, on the other hand, thinks that he is over and out with his fairy tale world adventures and is on for a trip to Germany to listen to the Brother Grimms last stories in which he deciphered a warning, one that could bring the fairy tale world to great harm… Conner and his classmate Bree (who was also on the trip to Germany) are now on a trip around Europe to find a portal into the fairy tale world to warn the others about the incoming harm, but is it too late….’

If I were to rate this book I would rate it-

8 out of 10 for sentence formation and grammar

9 and a half out of 10 for vocabulary

9 And a half for storyline

Finally, I would like to rate this book – 

 4.6 / 5
This book was superb in all aspects for a child of my age (9-12)
So merry reading!














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