Book recommendation: Micheal Morpurgo – Listen to the Moon

Hello friends, I just finished reading this book called – Listen to the Moon by Michael Morpurgo and I must say it was truly an outstanding story about World War 1…


It is a very well written, very descriptive story about the extreme sadness and unfairness some experience, it shows the how tragic war can be, it is a story about forgiveness, staying strong, love, family and memory…


During the days of World War 1, Alfie Wheatcroft and his father Jim find a girl on the uninhabited islands on Scillies – she injured thirsty, hungry and has no memory of how she came to be there…


After rescuing her the Wheatcroft family try hard to know more about her and who she is, but matters get ugly when the entire village comes to think she is a German spy…


This is a truly fascinating and surely entertaining story and has not failed to impress me even on a single page if I were to advise you whether to take this book or not definitely I would say…YES!… Of course!

And for ratings, I would give this book -a-


9 out of 10 for the storyline


10 out of 10 for vocabulary


9 out of 10 for sentence structure and grammar


Moreover, this was a great book for a child of my age (9 to 13)


Merry reading!!!!












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