Book recommendation: The Land of Stories – The Enchantress Returns



Hey there! I have read the second book of the land of stories series at last – the enchantress returns – after reading the first fantastic book (the wishing spell) I couldn’t resist, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t either?


Just like the first book (the wishing spell) this book didn’t disappoint either. It is a beautifully written, super exciting, very descriptive (in shorter words awesome) story which wraps you into it without giving you a hint.

When Conner and Alex the two magical fairy siblings enter the fairytale world once again, they learn about the history of their world – the different ages this world had, and about the evil enchantress –  and her entire story. Like the first very extraordinary book The siblings go on a magical and fascinating quest to resolve the new biggest problem the fairy tale world is facing the biggest and most threatening one yet, all in secret from their grandma the fairy godmother. It takes everything in Alex and Connors power to try and stop The enchantress but it might already be too late… 


Chris Colfer’s words have wrapped me into the world of the book and have given me so much excitement and pleasure that they make me never want me to leave.  If I were to rate this book I would say it’s wonderful and definitely super entertaining and you should definitely go for it…

For numerical ratings, I would give this book a –

9.65 out of 10 for the storyline

10 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.7 out of 10 for sentence structure and grammar


Moreover, this was a great book for a child of my age (9 to 13)


Merry reading!!!!












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