Book recommendation: Mr. Terupt falls again

Have you read the first book (because of Mr terupt)? Didn’t you find it great? Well, to double your happiness this is the review of the second book

This is the latest book I have read till now and this is definitely a great one.

Believe me if you haven’t read the books – because of Mr Terupt and this one you are definitely missing out on something.

Although this is one of the greatest books I’ve read I feel that this book wasn’t exactly for my age(11) It is for an age group slightly higher than mine. As there are some parts of the book that can get a little too weird, but the writing and story has definitely not disappointed

This is again a totally satisfying book and it has definitely not disappointed me and I think this comment by john Irving on this book explains it all…

This sequel to Because of Mr. Terupt will not disappoint; not only has Mr. Terupt returned, but those same kids from his classroom are telling a new story – one that stands on its own” – JOHN IRVING


This is a descriptive well written story about 7 special children who are spending another year with their very special teacher Mr. Terupt this book very innovativly shows the different views of different children as they move through their 6th grade school year..

If I were to comment on this book I would say that this story is marvellous and you should definitely go for it but like I said earlier it is for an age group slightly higher than 9 to 12


And for ratings…


9.7 out of 10 for storyline

8 out of 10 for vocabulary

9.5 out of 10 for sentence structure and grammar


Merry reading








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