The first question that Arises in our minds when we hear the word ‘Galaxy’ Is

What Are Galaxies?

 Well here’s the answer…


Galaxies are giant groups of millions or who knows even trillions of stars. Did you know that there might be around 20 trillion or more galaxies in the universe?



·    Only three galaxies are visible to the naked human eye from earth beside the milky way the large and small Magellanic clouds and the Andromeda galaxy


·    Galaxies are incredibly, magnificently, amazingly large, so large that even travelling at Lightspeed a spacecraft would take at least 100,000 years to cross the milky way


·    In the night sky of earth’s southern part 2 blurry galaxies can be seen with the naked eye these are known as the Magellanic clouds which are small galaxies lying comparatively near to our own galaxy the milky way




·         There are 4 types of galaxies Spiral galaxies, Irregular galaxies, Elliptical galaxies and barred spiral galaxies.



·    Spiral galaxies are spinning wheel-like galaxies with a dense middle and spiraling arms also spiral galaxies may have a giant black hole in the center which might be the reason of the galaxy being sucked in to itself


·    Irregular galaxies are galaxies with no known shape possible theories on how they may have formed is from whatever was left after other galaxies crashed into each other such as the Magellanic clouds.



·    Elliptical galaxies are huge  and very, very old chicken egg-shaped galaxies, made up of as many as a trillion stars


·    Barred spiral galaxies have just two arms these are spread across the galaxy’s core from which the arms trail like water like a spinning garden sprinkler.



                                                                   Interesting Fact

When galaxies get too near to each other they pull each other into a weird shape the larger galaxy often swallow the smaller galaxy.




Thank you for all your precious time which you spent reading this post of mine 🙂






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