My first album – Rockstrumental

Earlier this month, I released my first album – Rockstrumental. It is music without words, so that anyone can enjoy it in a way that’s special and unique to them.

Top 5 photos of the month (April)

April, another excellent month has concluded. These are another 5 of some of the best photos I (and my dad) have taken in all time. I will publish one of these kinds of posts every month that will highlight 5 of the best from the best, stunning photos. Enjoy! 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. I hope…

Book recommendation: The Giver.

The book makes us wonder if a utopia is really what we want to live in? A world without skin colour, as well as no colour, a world without inequality, as well as a world with no diversity, a world without hate, but also a world without love.

Top 5 photos of the month (March)

March, another great month has ended. These another 5 of some of the best photos I have taken in all time. I will publish one of these kinds of posts every month that will highlight 5 of the best from the best, stunning photos. Enjoy! I hope you enjoyed this post! There is something magical…

Top 5 photos of the month.

These are the top 5 photos that I have taken, in all time. I will release one of these kinds of posts every month – which will highlight the best of the best photos taken by me. Enjoy! Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for being a reader!

Fishes and aquariums! Photography

Remember that time when you used to go crazy when your mom told you that you were going to an aquarium? Yeah, it doesn’t happen anymore. But every child has had crazy feelings for aquariums and fishes at some point in their lives. This post will be about some of the best photos that I’ve…

Photography at home: Singapore

There’s no place like home, many people say that. However, there are few places like Singapore – with it’s towering skyscrapers and mind-boggling infrastructure. Luckily for me; this is my home! Today I’m going to share a few of the best photos from this glittery, shiny, bright and beautiful skyline that I call home. Beautiful…

New Zealand in photos, Part 2

Some more photos to describe the unusually abundant beauty of New Zealand. Thank’s for reading (or rather marvelling) *These photos are free to use, I just ask that you give me credit after you have used them. Thanks!

I’m feeling curious!

Do you often wonder what do when bored, and know you would feel guilty if you spent an hour watching TV? Google’s new feature can help.

What’s new in the new Krishiv Writes!

So, it’s been quite a while – and my sincere apologies for that. Really, I’m very sorry – but the bad news ends there! Just by landing on the site, and in those few seconds it took you to click on this post, you surely would’ve noticed something new. Well, this post is going to…

How I managed a (very) busy week

Recently, before my much anticipated holidays started, I was faced with an extremely busy week. All the exams, tournaments, rehearsals, assessments were all smushed up in one week. 7 days.  Everything that was coming up was #1 priority to me. Everything required constant attention and a lot of hard work.  Just to set things into…

10 Great Trivia Questions

Making a Trivia? Need “Trivial” questions? Here’s a list of trivia questions to make your game as fun as can be! (Also – some pretty great useless facts for you to know!) All right then – let’s get this party started! Trivia question 1 : How many drums are in an average drum set? Possible answer 1….

Is Go the next ‘Rage’ of board games?

My father came home excitedly one day, sitting down on the sofa he told me all about this new article he’d read online (I did some digging and got you the link). The article was about a grandmaster Lee Sedol in this game called Go, who just got defeated by Google’s AlphaGo artificial intelligence in this…